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how to apply


The registration program will be included in the academic calendar. We will be asked each student to personally register on the day and the time determined for each semester. A registration period of one week will be scheduled before the beginning of the semester. However, registration held during the intensive course will take two days. Late fees will be charged if the registration is made after the given time. No registration will be allowed two weeks after the beginning of the semester and three days after the start of intensive courses.


Before the expiry of the current semester, the Academic Secretary will announce the date and the time of pre-registration for courses. This is mandatory and necessary because it will allow preparation for the next six months especially regarding prediction of teachers and other needs.


Students must attend all classes. They must fill out forms for absence if they are forced to miss classes for valid reasons. However, students who are absent 25% of the session time will not receive scores for the course. Other cases requiring absences will be presented to the Rector by writing a letter.


Students will be allowed to cut off courses during the first week of the semester and during the first two days of intensive courses. Fees will be charged for each course cutting off during the second week of the semester and the third day of intensive courses. No change will be accepted after the second week of the semester and after the third day of intensive courses. If necessary, replacement and / or addition of one course must be approved by the head of department and the Academic Secretary.




The withdrawal of a course can be initiated either by the student or by the administration.


If there is a personal emergency requiring the student to stop one or more than one courses after the expiry of the deadline of dropping courses, the student may withdraw if it is not yet done over 25 % of the course, this should be done by writing a letter to the Academic Secretary with copies reserved for the concerned lecturer and for the head of department. This withdrawal will be marked on the transcript to notice if the student had succeed or failed at the time of the course withdrawal as: “WS” (withdrawal with success) or “WF” (withdrawal with failure).


Note that there will be some fees charged for this change.


After studying 2/3 of the course time, the student can not withdraw from the course except in cases of extreme emergency like disease. Then, the concerned student must receive approval from its faculty.


By the recommendation of one teacher, the academic secretariat may request a student to withdraw from the course when it is obvious that the concerned student has not attend or has ceased to attend classes or not submitted a work required for the course.


The recommendation is made to the academic secretariat by writing. After that, the student will be informed by the academic secretary who is the one to decide whether to chase the student or not. If this administrative decision is taken by the time of the first week of a regular semester or during the first two days of intensive course, the student will not have marks. From the second week to the seventh week, the letter “W” (Withdrawal) will be marked on the transcript. After the seventh week, the letter “F” (Failure) will be marked on the notes statement.