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Admission of students

Hope Africa University will admit students who are academically qualified to accept the mission of the University and its philosophy such as previously described, all candidates will have to respect the rules of the University and its code of conduct. We will expected from each candidate a demonstration of its moral righteousness and the expression of its desire to live in harmony with the objectives and policies of the University. Once these conditions will be met, Hope Africa University will consider requests for admission without discrimination or ecclesiastical origines, racial, tribal, gender, national or ethnical origines, color, marital status or physical handicap.


The University will admit and Accept the candidates who have completed there secondary school (secondary education) or whats equivalent to it and has obtained a Certificate/Diploma of State issued in Burundi or its equivalent, to academic programs. The students from the other systems of education will be evaluated to determine if they are qualified or not. The admission to the other levels (professional degree, master, etc.) is specified in the concerned programs.


The English and French languages are the languages which are taught and learned in at the HAU. Founded to serve the populations of Central and Eastern Africa, the HAU undertakes the challengen of using the two languages which are widely used in the African continent. The students are well trained in languages in order to be able to follow the courses given in French and in English.


In January-February of each year, the University offers courses of English and French to upgrade there level of understanding for five weeks to students newly admitted as members of the HAU.


Students originating’ from the francophone countries (whose language of instruction in secondary was the French) must learn English to upgrade there level of understanding of the hanguage. This course is learned 20 hours per week which is equivqlent to 100 hours in total. All non-anglophones will be forced to take the English course to upgrade there level of understanding of that language but only if the student demonstrates a particular level of knowledge of English. For example, the student can demonstrate the knowledge of English in presenting the results of at least 500 points of the “Test of English for foreign language “TOEFL, obtained in a period not exceeding two years. Otherwise he (she) will be obliged to learn English to upgrade and master the language. No credit will be granted/added to the English to upgrade


Students from English-speaking countries (whose language of instruction in secondary was English) will have to follow the French courses to upgrade. This course has a value of 25 hours per week which brings us to 125 hours in total. All non-francophones will beforced to take the French courses to upgrade except if the student demonstrates a particular level of knowledge of the French language. For example, the student can demonstrate the knowledge of French in presenting a diploma of the French Alliance, etc. No, credit will not be granted or added to French to upgrade.


Hope Africa University will only accept the candidates having obtained the average of 60% or more, obtained in a recognized university that offers courses at university level. However, the course learned in a failed year will not be transferred. In any case, the students from the outside will not be able to receive more than 120 credits. However, in some departments (medicine, nursing, science, Civil Engineering, physiotherapy, etc.) the conditions of transfer of students will be specified according to the areas concerned. Hope Africa University will not admit students excluded from other universities because of their failure such as cheating, strike, sexual violence, racism, tribalism, etc.


The candidates who have passed the Natinal exambut with a lower note to that required by a preferred department could be admitted under the regime of” the admission on the basis of the age of maturity.” Provided that the candidate:

  • has at least 25 years’
  • has completed with satifaction in secondary school and has succeeded in the National exam;
  • shows the capacity to do an academic work required by the Department. This would be confirmed by the success of the complementary courses of post-secondary education for the concerned person, the continuation of seminars incharge of training, professional courses, and appropriate experience attesting  these abilities; and
  • meets/satisfy the other conditions of admission.

However, the number of candidates admitted in one academic year under the regime of the admission on the basis of the age of maturity may not exceed 1 per cent of all registered candidates in one academic year.        


In addition to the general requirements required for the admission, international students seeking registration at the University hope of Africa must prove that they can pay for their university studies. They must pay the required fee for one academic year before we send them a letter of admission. The payment for a semester may be accepted if it is accompanied by a well-detailed plan showing that the costs of the other half will be paid without much delay.


with a view of  helping the University determine that the candidate meets the conditions, the candidate must provide the following:

  • a complete record of request for admission;
  • the admission fee Non refundable;
  • the official bulletin of the results of the last two years of highschool with certified copies of the certificate/diploma of secondary school;
  • Two letters of recommendation, one from the Pasteur (priest) of the candidate, and another one from his teacher or the person who was incharge of him/her for the last school attended;
  • Two recent passport photos;
  • National Card of identity or passport for foreigners,
  • any other qualification, such as the results TOEFL or of French studies.


A student admitted to study in a particular semester will need to consider studing  during the same semester. If the student fails to register him/herself , he/she will lose the admission. If there was a reason explainning why he /she should not register, the student  will have to  write a letter to the Academic Secretary asking him the extension of  his/her registration for the days to come. The extension may be accepted for a year. Beyond this, the student will resume/re do  the procedure of a new application for admission. The former/ancient students who suspend their studies for a semester or a year following the justifiable reasons may do so by making a written request addressed to the Vice-rector in charge of Academic  Affairs. But they will have to pay the registration fee continually on time each semester to maintain their admission. The costs to maintain the admission will be equal to the  registration fees paid each semester. If the continual  registration fees are not paid the student will be  excluded from the University and will be asked to resume/redo the procedures to request all new for the admission if they returned after a semester or a year. The students who stop their studies without permission will be excluded immediately from the University. They will have to repeat the request if they decide to return later.


Students whose their courses are completed but have not yet completed their briefs or other activities required, will have to pay the continual academic fees to stay in the program. The the continual academic fees  are equivalent to (three credits of courses) and will be paid each semester until the day of the briefs defense and success of their briefs or of the thesis. This means that all students must register for courses each semester.